January 26, 2022
Scientists manage to grow colored cotton

Scientists manage to grow colored cotton

With the help of gene modification, biologists were able to grow cotton of various colors.

Currently, about 60% of our clothing is made of polyester, while natural fabrics account for only about 6%. A team of breeders from the Australian National Research and Applied Research Association worked to develop high quality elastic cotton fibers that would eliminate the use of harmful dyes in the textile industry.

Having determined which parts of the plant’s genetic code are responsible for its color, they began to replace their other genes to create a range of different colors. In the laboratory, scientists have grown fibers from bright yellow to deep purple colors.

It will take the team several more months to convert the resulting plant tissue into cotton. In parallel, they are also working on the creation of a cotton with very elastic fibers that will not wrinkle clothes..

Scientists manage to grow colored cotton

Thanks to genetic modification, Korean agronomists recently managed to grow a rice plantation in the UAE desert.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: CSIRO


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