January 18, 2022
Japanese miners move to villages

Japanese miners move to villages

Japanese villages became a real salvation for large mining farms. Working within large cities becomes impossible due to the need to rent large premises, as well as high rates for paying electricity bills.

Japanese miners move to villages

Villages offer a wide variety of choices: lots of space and much more budgetary electricity rates. In addition, the following trend has recently been observed: large miners are buying out old village buildings (mainly workshops) and converting them into farms.

Crypto miners prefer coastal settlements. There are hydroelectric power plants, and they are optimal for mining. Despite the increased humidity, the wind creates optimal conditions for cooling. This allows you to compensate for the disadvantages.

Japanese miners move to villages

For the Japanese themselves, life in the countryside, outside the bustle of the city, opens up opportunities for real rest. In the crypto environment, even a movement begins to emerge, which can be called «mining as a new kind of meditation».

It should be noted that the transfer of farms outside the city will have a positive effect on the quality of life of the inhabitants of megalopolises. — problems with power outages will go away, as well as the overall air temperature will decrease.

However, in the world of crypto mining, not everything is so calm — earlier this week a Japanese man was sentenced to a year in prison for mining.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Pixabay


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