January 18, 2022
Decryptor Released to Fight Bitcoin Ransomware

Decryptor Released to Fight Bitcoin Ransomware

Cybersecurity software company Emsisoft has released a new decryptor to combat bitcoin ransomware viruses WannaCryFake.

Free solution allows you to restore access to files blocked by malware without data loss.

Decryptor Released to Fight Bitcoin Ransomware

Once downloaded, Emsisoft Decryptor examines the encrypted file and its original version to generate decryption keys. The protocol uses filename extensions to define encoding parameters, so users are advised not to change them. The product also allows you to keep a record of the decryption process, saving it in the form of a log.

The improved WannaCryFake worm began spreading in 2017. After infecting a computer, it blocks all data and offers to pay a ransom in cryptocurrency to return access to information. Emsisoft says that in no case should you make contact and transfer funds to hackers.

Decryptor Released to Fight Bitcoin Ransomware

Kaspersky Lab recently discovered that some malware was disguised for rare textbooks, ready-made works or come with them.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Unsplash / Michael Geiger


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