January 26, 2022
BTC.com has opened a pool for mining ether

BTC.com has opened a pool for mining ether

BTC.com has opened a pool for ether mining

BTC.com, the world’s largest Bitcoin mining company, has announced the opening of a mining pool for the production of Ether.

Over the past year, the BTC.com pool received 21% of all mined BTC, and at the moment its capacity exceeds 8202 RN / s, which is 16.3% of the network complexity. The statement says that mining of ETH and ETS will be available, and users will be able to independently switch between them to increase profitability, responding to market changes. The company’s management believes that Ethereum offers many additional incentives to participants, and this will stimulate the interest of miners.

BTC.com is one of the pools owned by Bitmain, the largest mining hardware manufacturer. Over the next year, it is planned to significantly increase computing power and achieve control of 12% of the hashrate of the Ethereum network.

The pool representatives are not worried that the decentralized platform intends to switch to a new consensus algorithm (PoS). They say they are ready for this and will be able to quickly change how they work using smart contracts and wallets. However, they do not deny that this will require more complex design and organization of production..

In addition to changing the consensus, Vitalik Buterin plans to increase the network resiliency up to 99% by adding a new kind of nodes.

text: Ivan Malichenko. photo: BTC.com


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