January 26, 2022
A battery was created that charges in a couple of seconds

A battery was created that charges in a couple of seconds

Scientists at the Cornell Materials Research Center have created a three-dimensional battery with an architecture of many nanoscale elements that can fully restore its charge in a few seconds.

The idea of ​​the invention is that instead of the anode and cathode on both sides of the non-conductive spacer, thousands of nanoscale components are intertwined in a self-forming three-dimensional structure, providing efficient energy storage and transfer. High productivity is achieved by eliminating waste from «dead» volume of the device. Huge number of cells and their small size provide quick access to the charge.

The image shows a schematic diagram of the molecular structure. Anode (gyroscopic thin films of carbon) – gray, spacer (pores covered with an electronically insulating but ionic conductive material) — green, cathode (sulfur) — blue. Each element is about 20 nanometers in size.

A battery was created that charges in a couple of seconds

According to scientists, the battery will be fully charged in a matter of seconds after connecting to the network. However, the technology is still being improved, since when sulfur expands, breaks of small pieces of polymer appear, which then do not join during compression. These violations gradually lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the device. The team patents the developed concept.

Recall that a material has been created that will increase the performance of batteries a hundred times.. 

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Wiesner Group / Provided, Stock Snap 


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